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Luzon The Israeli home inspectors school was established at 2016 by the founder Mr. Meir Luzon A Certified home Inspector and the CEO of the company Luzon The Israeli center for water damage LTD
our vision is to certify professionals to be home inspectors for water damages, so they can perform an accurate and Professional inspections, and give the best service to their customers. 
In our school you will learn and practice everything you need to know to become a certified home Inspector. 
Our online courses are combined with fieldwork, that will give you the best experience you need to inquire the knowledge necessary to become a true professional in the business. 
In addition to the online courses and field work, our school is with you with guidance and internship programs with our teachers. 


Mr. Meir Luzon “ I've never stop thinking how can I promote the brand of home inspection with all the difficulties and challenges that came through my way. With that I saw how the inspection branch has become a jungle, due to the fact that anyone that bought the equipment has presented themselves as A certified home Inspector. 
 Today we can see that any plumber has bought a thermal imaging camera and he’s presenting himself as a certified home Inspector. 
In addition to that I was trying to understand how come the engineers and the contractors are dealing with water damage issues that has nothing to do with their expertise. 
These questions and many more led me to decide that we need to create a separate branch that will be called water damage inspection. 
The water damage inspector is here to replace all the other professionals that are dealing with issues they got no training for dealing with. 
We are welcoming all of our students to learn the profession of water damage inspection and to inquire The skills and expertise in order to become a true professional on the field.”



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Contact us!              Email address:         |        Office: 073-769-6164            |         School principal:  054-7944867

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