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Professional courses
water damage inspectors

Dear customers!
Luzon School in collaboration with the Israeli Association Of Thermography And Leak Detection and in collaboration with InterNACHI International Association of certified home inspectors invites you to join us to study the selection of courses that the school offers to acquire a respectable profession.
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Did you know? Upon graduation, the school's graduates can join as members of the Israeli Association Of Thermography And Leak Detection! The members of the union hold a membership card bearing their details, their photo, ID number And their union membership number!

Certified Water Damage and Thermal inspector Course

How does a qualified inspector approach a fault site in a particular water system in a building? How should he decipher the symptoms of each failure and catalog it for the appropriate water system? What is the way to deal with customers? How should the inspector handle a dispute? What are the consequences of each test and how should the inspector explain this to the customer in the report? What is the appropriate equipment for each test?

Thermography Course Level 1
Analysis and translation of thermographic data, identification of the source of the failure using thermal camera (infrared), how to analyze thermal images from the field. Translation to the user for the report.

The classes are taught by our thermography experts, the best experts in the country,  The course is taught as an addition to the course water damage and thermal inspector.

קורס נזקי מים - איתור נזקי מים קורסים לימוד בעיות - משרד העבודה קרן מעגלים כלכלה - קורס אינטרנט מים רטיבות נזילה שכנים מעלה אדומים מאתר אונליין - מאתר נזקי מים נזילות צנרת אינסטלטורים

Certified Catheter Course Interior Repair Pipe 
Certification by Luzon school and TRELLEBORG company

How to repair a damaged pipe without having to open the line? How do we catheterize a T-tube? How do we repair a 90 degree angle pipe? How can the work of repair be carried out efficiently and keeping the work environment clean? What are the safety rules for making the repair?
All this and more will be learned in a certified catheter repair of wastewater and sewer pipes course.

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Additional courses
Home inspection course, legal expert course, work supervision course, water damage rehabilitation course.

Contact us for details and registration for a selection of additional courses at Luzon School!



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